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Digitization of Books

Modular InfoTech is the right place to do a old book makeover. We have developed a Book Scanner to scan books without damaging bindings of books. We use world class Book scanner for the conversion of hardcopy book into image file. This Book scanner comes with V-shaped bed where the book rested and pages can be turned without wear & tear and any damage to the binding of Books.
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Digitization of Manuscripts

Preservation of Manuscripts is very important thing. Modular InfoTech is an expert in Manuscripts Archival. Modular was awarded a contract to digitize 1.2cr manuscripts by a research institute in Pune. We successfully digitize them. After that we got few more opportunities to digitize this rare material. Modular InfoTech has always provided an excellent quality and support to all clients who have preserved such rare material.
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Digitization of Medical Records & X-rays

In hospital archival of patient history is very important. Modular InfoTech helps hospitals in that. We scan patient records and index it according to patient information. It makes easier to search a specific patient record. We also convert physical X-rays in digital format and link them to specific patient. It enables to keep all information at one location in a better format
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Digitization of Newspapers

When we think about preservation and archival, how can we forget Newspapers. We have got an opportunity to digitize this old but significant material. We have handled newspapers since 1932. Modular also provide e-paper solution for Newspaper industry. By using Newspaper Scanner Modular InfoTech makes old newspaper looks like today’s newspaper.

Why Modular InfoTech

  • Highest Customer Satisfaction
  • Experience of 800 million documents digitization in last 15 years
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification
  • Excellent Service Quality
  • Optimized Total Solution
  • Well-Defined Process
  • Reliable
  • 100% Accuracy
  • In-house developed Scanners and Software
  • Experienced Technical Professionals
  • Best Support