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Modular InfoTech offers Archival–Retrieval software solution on commercial software technology.

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dMACQ Software Pvt Ltd is a new-age technology solutions company. Over the last few years, dMACQ has emerged as one of the leading paperless technology solutions provider. Marquee global, multi-national and mid-sized companies alike have adopted its industry leading Document Management System (DMS) and digitization services. dMACQ DMS is one of the few leading products in the market today with integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Analytics and Robotic Process Automation capabilities (RPA). dMACQ has filed for patents for two of its core technologies and has its research team based in Mumbai, India. dMACQ’s RPA/AI team has ready solutions for logistics industry, adopted by global market leaders. With over 100 employees and led by management team with over 25 years of technology and industry domain experience, dMACQ has its head quarters in Mumbai with operating teams in all major metros in India. More at https://www.dmacq.com.