Digitization of Medical Records

The conversion of paper based medical records into electronic format is challenging and a knowledge driven service. The most challenging part of this service is Culling process. We practice automated approach, driven by proven process flow software, for digitization of all categories of medical records. We understand that every inch of paper of a medical record is critical as it may contain indispensable information related to the health issues of patients.

Therefore we ensure that whole process starting from collection of records till the time we deliver back physical records to customer is secured and process driven.

The mainstream process of digitization of Medical records involves Document Preparation, Culling of Document, Scanning, Index capture and finally delivery of image files into CD/DVD or uploading images along with indexes into digital record management system.

We have resources with essential work experience on medical record digitization projects. We use customisable workflow software to control whole process of digitization.

We also render the retrieval of medical records during the execution of project on urgency basis. The record required by hospital can be sent in a softcopy or a hardcopy format.