Book Digitization and e-Book Creation

Publishing information in an electronic form, which includes making information available through online services and publishing CD-ROMs. E-publishing is a very broad term that includes a variety of different publishing models, including electronic books (e-books), print-on-demand (POD), email publishing and web publishing.

We use world class Book drive for the conversion of hardcopy book into image file. This Book drive comes with V-shaped bed where the book rested and pages can be turned without wear and tear. This prevents any damage to the binding of Books.

We offer a wide range of eBook creation and data conversion services. We specialize in transforming all kinds of data from a range of formats to fresh, dynamic, functional content so you can utilize its potential on the web.

Our Services have an integrated Quality Audit and Quality Control procedures to make sure our client gets a world class product in e-publishing industry. Our eBook creation service is carefully executed by our professional experts having experience in publishing industry.