Modular InfoTech offers Archival–Retrieval software solution on commercial software technology.

Modular InfoTech can supply SmartDMS licensed software and can install it on server to facilitate users to retrieve digitized documents on computer workstations. All digitized documents will be uploaded in the repository along with its metadata (Search fields). Metadata can be entered in English and in Indian languages. SmartDMS allows you to capture items in any digital format – in text, video, audio, photograph, map, drawings and data, and preserve it for long term use. All digital contents will be catalogued as per Department structure. Users can list or search items on metadata fields like subject, department, file no., title, description and keywords or combination of these. Every user will have unique id and password to login in the repository. Users can login and access documents through Internet Explorer. Administrator can restrict users to view, download and print document item. ODR feature will allow user to view the document item (like PDF, Doc, Txt, xls etc) through internet explorer without using native application and prevent user to copy / paste the contents of document. Report can be generated and export in PDF file for activity of users, items, collections, data size etc.

Enterprise–wide Content Management System

Modular InfoTech offers an Enterprise-wide Document Management System- SmartDMS as an elegant solution to manage any Digital Information existing anywhere in the organization in whatever form, in whatever language, whether the organization is big or small. Digital Information can be Text or Formatted Documents, Records, Images, Graphics, Video, Audio, emails, Drawings, Application generated reports or anything that is in electronic form.

Salient Features

  • Document Management - Provide storage, metadata, security, as well as indexing and retrieval capabilities
  • Digital Library - Making document available with metadata search to end users
  • Host System - Installed on Windows Server, uses MSSQL / Oracle / MySQL as database
  • Online Document Reader(ODR) - No native application required to read the document and prevention of unauthorized copy / paste / download of the text / images
  • Policy Driven Secured Access - Login / password facility to access information, with selective authorization for viewing, printing and downloading
  • Metadata Search - Documents can be searched on Metadata for fast retrieval. Metadata can be in English and or in Indian language.
  • Advanced Search - Documents can be searched with advanced features using boolean search for accurate retrieval.
  • Reports - Generates and exports statistic reports on repository


  • Improved control over documents and document-oriented processes
  • Streamlining of time-consuming business processes
  • Security over document access and modification
  • Documents are securely accessible any time from any web-enabled or intranet desktop
  • Improved tracking and monitoring, with the ability to identify bottlenecks and modify the system to improve efficiency
  • Improved Productivity and Profitability
  • Powerful search capability to find information easily
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Elimination of errors and delays
  • Instant access to any document


  • SmartDMS Software
  • Client side OS – Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.1 / 10
  • Server side OS – Windows 2008 / 2012 / 2014 server
  • MSSQL / ORACLE / MYSQL Server licenses
  • MSSQL / ORACLE / MYSQL Client licenses